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Cliff Audinet is a technology leader and innovator. As VP of Technology, He responsible for software development, infrastructure, operations, and support of the Xvoucher platform
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Cliff's Stand-Up: Enterprise Mindset

Posted by Cliff Audinet on Aug 29, 2018 10:27:52 AM

Success can be measured in many ways. Money, power, property, family, the company you keep, your career, and maybe your golf score... well, not my golf score. Success in a small or midsize business, however, is not always as clearly defined. With quickly changing markets and rapid advancements in technology, it can feel like you’re trying to hit a moving target. So how do you raise the probability of succeeding, keep the wheels on the tracks and continue to grow market share and revenue?


It all comes down to mindset, specifically, an Enterprise Mindset.


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Topics: Cliffs Stand-up, Enterprise Mindset, Small Business, Process

Cliff's Stand-Up: Cyber Security and your Role as an Employee

Posted by Cliff Audinet on Apr 19, 2018 7:39:27 AM

Introducing Cliff's Stand-up Series. Cliff Audinet, Xvouchers VP of Technology, discusses Xvoucher, Technology, Learning and its impact on you. 


There’s been a lot of talk, and action, with regards to cyber and information security threats against consumers and businesses. There is a lot of advice out there for both consumers and business. Today, I am going to focus on what it means when you represent a business.  Say you’re an individual contributor, a manager, or in the C suite of an SMB or Enterprise organization, what does that mean as far as how you control your information?  Well, here comes the cold, hard, truth.

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Topics: network access, cyber security, information safe, Cliffs Stand-up

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