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IT, HR and the Value of Certification in Both Fields

Posted by Jackie Berdy on Oct 16, 2018 12:36:12 PM
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To state the obvious, information technology has impacted our lives both professionally and personally in ways that only the most forward thinking of us ever imagined. It’s not a stretch to say that virtually every company relies on technology for their business even if it’s only for email, a website or billing.

Like technology, HR is foundational in some way, shape or form in every company. Even small companies, which might farm out HR functions to employers associations or other entities, have elements of HR, such as hiring, payroll, and benefits, at their core. As companies grow, both the IT and HR functions play an increasingly impactful role.


Many organizations require their IT employees to carry certifications to validate the skills and knowledge necessary to support IT infrastructures.  As well, many companies also value HR certifications to mitigate risk and manage complex challenges such as talent development and human capital strategy.


Xvoucher, HR and IT Certifications

For years, the Xvoucher Learning Exchange has been a centralized learning hub for IT certifications with several certifications and content providers integrated to the Xvoucher platform -- including 13 out of the 15 top paying certifications as identified by Global Knowledge (an Xvoucher training partner). Because the learning space is our area of expertise, the HR function is an important area of focus for us -- not only because learning and talent development often fall in the HR wheelhouse, but also because, like IT, HR is functionally relevant for every company. This is especially true for large enterprise organizations that often depend on the Xvoucher Learning Exchange to manage their certifications, training and continuing education.

Coming from the HR Certification Institute -- now integrated to the Xvoucher Learning Exchange -- I have met thousands of HR professionals and can attest to the positive impact HR certification has on careers as well as to organizations that value HR certification. Certification in any field validates mastery and the continuing education required to maintain an HR certification ensures that HR professionals stay current and relevant. Fortunately, the HR learning space is vast and growing with more and more valuable content and training available for HR professionals.

At Xvoucher, we look forward to adding HR professionals to the 500,000 people who will experience the Xvoucher Learning Exchange in 2018 as well as to welcoming new content suppliers in the HR space.

Jackie Berdy is the VP of Channel Development for Xvoucher.

Topics: certification, HR, IT

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