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Product Feature Spotlight: Promotion Creation and Distribution

Posted by Christine Avery on Jan 31, 2018 8:30:00 AM
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Define and Track Education Initiatives with Better Control of Assignments.

Xvoucher allows you to create a promotion within our Enterprise Customer Role. Creating a Promotion allows you to target a specific audience for new product training, a marketing special, or fulfilling a company initiative. We make creating a promotion simple, with a self service creation module and full HTML editor to create your own unique marketing page. Once your page is created you are given a unique URL that can be embedded in your web site, emailed to  any audience or printed on marketing material.

Customer Creation and Candidate Request Demo Video


Examples of Events:

  • New Certification 
    • Can Cap the number of students/employees/association members able to sign up
  • Run a training promotion for employees
  • Create a continuing education program for your employees
Click here to discuss creating your newest promotion!

Tools/Benefits of using the Promotions Feature:

  • Control how many and what products are offered
  • Set a budget/limit for voucher sales
  • Define and track continuing education initiatives
  • Include a date range for each promotion
  • Assign a manager to receive the request for approval of candidates
  • Completely customizable template to create your unique Promotional page


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  • Customer HTML Editor
    Customer HTML Editor 
  • Customer Settings
    Customer Settings
  • Customer Manage Requests Screen
    Customer Manage Requests Screen
  • Customer Promotion Example Site
    Customer Promotion Example Site
  • MN Solar Promotion.png
    Customer Promotion Example Site

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