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Partner Spotlights: Blogs

Posted by Christine Avery on Dec 18, 2018 7:14:37 PM

In the spirit of giving for the holiday season, we wanted to share some insightful blogs from a few of our partners.


Since this is the time of year when we think about others, consider giving the gift of “digital peace of mind” to your less technologically-inclined friends andrelatives. Haven’t we all been greeted by a loved one holding out their phone at arm’s-length asking, “Can you tell what’s wrong with this thing?”. It may only take you a few minutes to walk through their settings and help them better protect their personal information (e.g. changing social media settings, app-specific permissions).


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Cliff's Stand-Up: Cyber Security and your Role as an Employee

Posted by Cliff Audinet on Apr 19, 2018 7:39:27 AM

Introducing Cliff's Stand-up Series. Cliff Audinet, Xvouchers VP of Technology, discusses Xvoucher, Technology, Learning and its impact on you. 


There’s been a lot of talk, and action, with regards to cyber and information security threats against consumers and businesses. There is a lot of advice out there for both consumers and business. Today, I am going to focus on what it means when you represent a business.  Say you’re an individual contributor, a manager, or in the C suite of an SMB or Enterprise organization, what does that mean as far as how you control your information?  Well, here comes the cold, hard, truth.

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Topics: network access, cyber security, information safe, Cliffs Stand-up

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