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Product Feature Spotlight: Learning Credits

Posted by Christine Avery on Jul 31, 2019 12:39:42 PM



Xvoucher Learning Credits are convenient, flexible, pre-purchased credits that can be applied toward any training, education or certification program. 


Learning Credits allow a Sponsor organization to create their own currency to be utilized as they wish. Learning credits can be converted at any equivalent and can be applied as the payment method toward any type of learning product offered by the Sponsor Organization.  

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Product Feature Spotlight: Xwallet

Posted by Christine Avery on Sep 13, 2018 8:18:17 AM


Xwallet, by Xvoucher, is an unparalleled tool to manage training contracts.


By managing budgets with Xwallet,  Xvoucher has completely re-imagined the way training contracts should work. Essentially, Xwallet is a prepaid account in the Xvoucher system that allows customers to purchase training and other learning materials whenever they are needed. But it’s also more than just an account balance--the Xwallet system offers our Customers a number of additional account and training management tools.


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Topics: enterprise, customer, product feature, Xwallet, manage, budget

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