Frequently Asked Questions

Submit your questions to our support team if you aren't able to find an answer here.
1. Make sure you click on the right link in your email by expanding the email you received in your inbox. 
 Set up account email L.lobos
2. If you didn't receive an email with your one-time password link, please check your spam folder.
3. If you are still unable to set your password or have forgotten your password follow the link below. 

Click here to be taken to the reset password page.

  • In most cases an Xvoucher expires one year after activation. This means all items within the Xvoucher platform will no longer be accessible.
  • Some items, such as practice exams from Transcenders and Practice Labs, are only available for 6 months from the time they are activated.
  • If you are unsure of your voucher expiration date:
    • For assigned vouchers, please contact the organization that assigned the voucher to you.
    • For purchased vouchers, please contact support.


Contact Support

If you are new to the Xvoucher platform you should have received 2 emails when you were assigned an Xvoucher. 

  1. The first will be a welcome email to set-up your account. 
  2. The second email will notify you of the Xvoucher you have been assigned. 


If you aren't able to locate your Xvoucher:

  1. Check with your Customer Admin (the person who assigned you the Xvoucher) to:
    1. Confirm they assigned it to the correct email address.
    2. Check the expiration date.
  2. Contact support if your customer admin confirmed you should have received an Xvoucher

If you are getting an error message please contact support, and include a screenshot or the error message code. 


Types of error messages:

Error Code: Contact Support and include the Error ID

Error 1

Info Message: Indicates things like product not available or voucher out of stock. Contact your Administrator first.  

Error 2

 System Down: If you receive this error message please call: +1 612-200-1785

Server Error


Contact Support by submitting a ticket to our support team.
Contact Support
Wait 2 business days and if you still have not received a voucher code in your Xvoucher account submit a support ticket.
Contact Support

Xvoucher isn’t a competitive LMS, it works with LMSs to extend the reach of all users within the complex learning ecosystem—keeping them from being isolated in their consumption or delivery of learning resources and giving them full access to the ecosystem as a learning exchange. In its simplest terms, Xvoucher allows users to go from a single point  to many.

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Xvoucher is a container that allows enterprise and institutional organizations to purchase, distribute, and track learning assets. It can be a single learning asset (exam voucher, practice test, lab, etc..) or a bundle of multiple learning assets.

To learn more about features of the Xvoucher platform check out our Product Features Spotlight page.