Why should you partner with Xvoucher?

Xvoucher has developed strategic partnerships with a wide network of suppliers, content providers, resellers and certification bodies. This is the power of the learning exchange!

As partners, we work closely together to meet the learning needs of our core customer – global enterprise organizations, academic institutions and federal government agencies.

Suppliers and content providers:
  • Open your own storefront, for free. Xvoucher is an open frontier of sales territory, rich with opportunities for suppliers and content providers. This new voucher-based channel is a great way to expand your current market. Opening your own storefront here is easy. And free.
  • Enjoy no-hassle financials. The system ensures your company gets paid on time, every time … which greatly reduces customer payment discrepancies.
  • Guaranteed compliance. When customers buy your products through the Xvoucher marketplace, you can be assured that all licenses are securely managed and enforced. Xvoucher is compliant with PII Data, U.S.-EU Safe Harbor and PCI. Pirates don’t stand a chance.
  • Access other partners. Through Xvoucher, you gain a direct line to other suppliers, content providers, certification bodies and customers. Our unique framework allows you to easily collaborate with other companies to create specialized offerings on the fly.
Certification bodies:
  • Control the marketplace. Xvoucher provides you with complete data transparency over your entire supply chain so you can make better decisions, increase sales and enforce certification standards.
  • Remove sales barriers. The Xvoucher environment helps suppliers collaborate and work together so they are equipped to sell larger volumes of your products.
  • Simplify your distribution and financials. Automating the purchasing and distribution process with Xvoucher makes it much easier for your channel, academic and government customers to buy from you in bulk and distribute to their customers. It’s a one-stop shop for financial reconciliation.
  • Get robust analytics. Through Xvoucher, you have access to reports that show how your certification programs are being utilized. Using these analytics, you can identify trends, anticipate changes and gain all the insights you need to make informed decisions.
  • Access certification bodies. Because Xvoucher is a major distributor for certification bodies, you will never waste time making inefficient phone calls and manually ordering certification test vouchers again.
  • Consolidate supplier management and financial reconciliation. You can access and purchase any of your suppliers’ products immediately through the system. Each time you sell something through the Xvoucher marketplace, the system ensures your company gets paid on time, every time.
  • Rebrand and customize your offerings. We provide an enterprise platform tool, which can be presented to each of your customers with their own branding. You can then customize it with your pricing, availability and special promotions. Think of Xvoucher as a custom sales portal designed to drive revenue and customer satisfaction.

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