What do customers say about Xvoucher?

Our customers include global enterprise organizations, as well as academic institutions and federal government agencies. Here’s what a few of them had to say about Xvoucher:

“Xvoucher has streamlined learning program administration for us. What was once a hassle for our program managers, candidates and accountants is now accomplished with ease.”
– Leader at a Fortune 500 global enterprise with 140,000 employees in 60+ countries

“Before Xvoucher, the process of distributing and tracking vouchers was done via a long paper trail and paper files. The ability to assign vouchers via email has shortened the process and made distribution quicker and more convenient. One of the biggest benefits is the ability to reclaim unused vouchers, at significant cost savings. Our staff love the Xvoucher system. It’s easy to use and provides us with simplicity of ordering vouchers, and quick and easy distribution procedures. The support team is very responsive and has helped students resolve issues quickly.”
– Business development professional at a large community college with 20 years’ experience in the education industry

“Xvoucher has helped us to be a more flexible and changeable business to meet the needs of our students as they seek to attain and maintain ever-changing certifications. The Xvoucher staff is exceptionally responsive, open-eared and willing to work toward new solutions.”
– Executive at a global training company that provides solutions to product and sales management groups