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Product Feature Spotlight: Continuing Education Solution

Posted by Christine Avery on Jul 18, 2018 7:57:42 AM
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CE by Xvoucher is a program we created to ensure candidates can track their CE credits to assist in maintaining their certifications, licenses and non credit educational experiences. 


What is CE?

Providing the tools for continuing education programs is a key feature of the Xvoucher learning exchange. Xvoucher offers a suite of ready-to-use tools for managing access to and distribution of your continuing education programs. As with most continuing education programs, Xvoucher allows you to monitor your overall enterprise CE compliance, but there are many things that set our solution apart:

  • Xvoucher acts as a virtual platform for your candidates
  • We have content from an unlimited number of approved providers. As a learning management platform, we continuously search for and integrate content from new suppliers into our system.
  • Customized Reporting Tools
    • With our customized reporting tools, our users can easily produce useful financial reports in no time,
  • Creates a way for your department to forecast cash requirements by financial periods.
  • Delayed Release Items [NEW FEATURE]
  • Expense Reimbursements Can Become A Thing Of The Past!Customer CE Tracking

With Xvoucher's solution you are able to buy CE activities for your entire department, hand them out and track their usage all from ONE customer portal!



Delayed Release Items

Our recently launched option for creating Delayed Release Items is the newest addition to our already comprehensive CE solution. Delayed Release Items allow you to manage multiple years compliance training while only paying for the current year. This will help you control your budget and only pay for items that are used. Setting up a delayed release item is simple! You choose the items you would like in the CE Bundle and then assign the length of time for which the item will be available.


How it will benefit your learning:

  • With flexible resources from many organizations that are constantly updated, options for materials in your bundles are countless
  • Integrated and automated CE activities that guide the process saving time and money 
  • Various reporting options to view progress and understand expiration requirements
  • Ability to update your profile to you organizations HR tool or member credential system




Leverage Xvouchers' technology to help you maintain and  track your CE program. Get started today by requesting a free demo!



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