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Posted by Christine Avery on Dec 18, 2018 7:14:37 PM
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In the spirit of giving for the holiday season, we wanted to share some insightful blogs from a few of our partners.

Happy Holidays 2


Since this is the time of year when we think about others, consider giving the gift of “digital peace of mind” to your less technologically-inclined friends and relatives. Haven’t we all been greeted by a loved one holding out their phone at arm’s-length asking, “Can you tell what’s wrong with this thing?”. It may only take you a few minutes to walk through their settings and help them better protect their personal information (e.g. changing social media settings, app-specific permissions).


Finishing out 2018


ITProTV shared a fun article “An IT Pro’s Holiday Gift Giving Guide”. For the technology savvy, this blog offers ideas for using your IT knowledge and expertise as a gift to those still trying to master the technology in their lives. Move over packages -- no shipping required for these gifts. The guide includes reminders on computer safety, computer scans you can do while at grandma’s house, and how to’s for connecting smart gear of your friends and family. If you feel you still need an actual gift for them to unwrap, create a nice little coupon and wrap it in the biggest box you can find! From the article, here are a few ideas for the gullible (looking at you Aunt Nancy, no you cannot win a brand new car just by clicking on an ad and giving them ALL of your information)

  • Remind them to never give their credit card number over the phone – unless they’re giving it to you, of course
  • Make sure they don’t keep things like pin numbers or passwords on sticky notes at their desk at work.
  • Get them a better password management system like LastPass or simply set a reminder in their phone to update their passwords periodically and call to walk them through it.


Continuing with our idea of sharing, our partner Logical Operations has a number of insightful blogs on cybersecurity. Our favorite is Hacker Hideouts: Surprising Cybersecurity Threats where CEO Bill Rosenthal discusses how these days everything we use seems to have smart technology and warns that those new appliances and gadgets offer new opportunities for hackers. .

“From your thermostat and refrigerator to your television and watch, every household item seems to be smarter nowadays thanks to the Internet of Things. As these devices become more and more popular, hackers have and will continue to search for ways to compromise these connections. This means that the need for constant vigilance and awareness of cybersecurity is more important than ever.”

It is important to keep an eye on what we think should be safe and do what we can to prevent getting hacked. Feel free to share this article to give others some digital peace of mind this holiday season.

“Thanks to these connected devices, the digital world has never been more accessible – and has also never been so vulnerable.”


Looking to 2019


As we head into the final weeks of 2018 and the New Year fast approaches, our partners at HR Certification Institute recently featured an excellent article about the types of workplace challenges we should expect in 2019.  Planning for 2019 and Beyond: What Are the Biggest Global Trends Affecting the Workforce? looks at the challenges in recruiting and retaining top talent in this tight job market combined with innovations in technology that are transforming the workforce.  

We especially liked their point of finding quality candidates with an an emphasis on training them to be the best employee they can be and creating an environment built for growth:

“You're likely going to be much better off, building a team that brings together people with diverse experiences and complementary talents, giving them the tools to learn the skills they'll need to be best equipped to be both productive workers and creative problem solvers, and bringing them into an environment that has been furnished (both literally and figuratively) to bring out the best in your new team.”

The Xvoucher team thanks you for your support in making 2018 an incredible year of growth and success. We look forward to sharing more insights from our partners in the coming year and to continuing to make Xvoucher the centralized hub for the learning world.  


Wishing you and yours all the best for a healthy, safe and prosperous 2019!


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