Voucher Policy

Voucher Policy

Xvoucher Shipping

All Xvouchers are made available immediately after purchase. All purchased products will be made available to customers via automated email. Please check the email account that was used for purchase for Xvoucher. If you do not find the email from support@xvoucher.com please check your junk or spam folder as automated emails may inadvertently get placed there. If you have any issues in receiving your purchase please contact Xvoucher Support. 

Return Policy

All Xvoucher sales are final. Purchased vouchers cannot be returned and are not eligible for a refund. 

Voucher Expiration

Xvoucher(s) will expire at the lifespan declared at the time of purchase.

Xvoucher Site Usage

All Xvoucher usage by users is covered under the Xvoucher User Agreement

Privacy Section

  • Xvoucher handles information associated with your Xvoucher account as described in Xvoucher’s Privacy Policy.
  • Xvoucher will share information associated with your Xvoucher account, including company name, contact email, billing address and date of purchase, with the authorized learning product and service provider for certain legitimate business purposes that facilitate your learning and certification activities.
  • Providing your information to Xvoucher may involve transferring that information to another country.
  • If you are subject to the United States Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (“FERPA”), Xvoucher acknowledges that, for purposes of these Terms, you may designate Xvoucher as a “school official” with “legitimate educational interests” in information that is regulated by FERPA and its implementing regulations. If designated as such, Xvoucher will abide by the limitations and requirements imposed by 34 CFR 99.33(a) on school officials.

Business Policies

  • Xvouchers have a 12-month term when assigned to the user
  • Xvoucher will only honor vouchers purchased on our authorized site or a site authorized by Xvoucher. 
  • Voucher is only valid at delivery provider specified at purchase 
  • Xvouchers are non-refundable, non-exchangeable and cannot be extended beyond the expiration date
  • Xvouchers cannot be reassigned once the user has used the assigned voucher.
  • Learning products and services must be used by the item expiration date.
  • Once a voucher is used as payment, the user is subject to the policies of the delivery provider (rescheduling, cancellation etc.)

Payment Methods:

  • Credit Cards – Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB
  • Wire – Xvouchers are released upon wire confirmation
  • Credit card and wire transfer fees are payable by the purchaser
  • Xwallet
  • Authorized Learning Credits

Xvoucher | Wallet

Wallet Policy

Xvoucher allows customers to pre-fund the purchase of vouchers by making deposits into an Xvoucher Wallet.  

Funding and Use

  • Xvoucher Wallets are funded by payment (usually via wire / bank transfer) to Xvoucher. Customers may request an Xvoucher Purchase Requisition (XPR) from Xvoucher’s support team (support@xvoucher.com.)
  • Xvoucher Wallet minimum deposit is $5000.
  • Once funds are received, a Wallet will be available to use within two (2) business days.
  • Wallets may be used as payment for any products available on any Xvoucher storefront or marketplace. Purchases using Wallet as the payment method incur no transaction fees.
  • Customers may load multiple Wallets if desired. However, only one Wallet may be used for any single transaction.
  • Wallet spending as well as balance information may be monitored by the customer via the Xvoucher customer portal.


  • An Xvoucher Wallet expires twelve (12) months after initial fund load.
  • At any time prior to Wallet expiration, a customer may deposit additional funds. A deposit into an existing (unexpired) Wallet will extend the Wallet expiration. The new expiration will be set twelve (12) months from the date of the new deposit. This extension applies to the entire Wallet balance.

Rollover, Reactivation, and Refunds

  • On Wallet expiration, Xvoucher will deduct a rollover fee and apply a six (6) month extension to the expiration date. 
  • If the Wallet balance at expiration is insufficient to cover the rollover fee, the Wallet will be deactivated.
  • To reactivate a Wallet, a customer must make a new deposit and will be charged a reactivation fee (see fee schedule below.) 
  • Customers may request a refund of remaining funds at any time prior to the deactivation of a Wallet. If a refund is requested, it will be issued by wire transfer within 45 days of the date the request was received.


  • Rollover Fee: 80 USD
  • Reactivation Fee: 80 USD

Contact Support

Contact Support

Xvoucher a dba of Genuine Genius Technologies
170 S. Green Valley Parkway, Suite 300
Henderson, NV 89012
Tel: 866-695-6316