Thriving in Change: A Professional Journey Through Continuous Learning

Written by Laura Faughtenberry
Thriving in Change: A Professional Journey Through Continuous Learning

In a world driven by technology, continuous learning is pivotal to navigating the dynamic professional landscape. This necessity stems from rapid technological advancements, the need for adaptable skill sets, globalization, diversity, enhanced problem-solving, innovation, career advancement, heightened employee engagement, and satisfaction. Additionally, it plays a vital role in future-proofing careers, fostering a culture of learning, meeting compliance and regulatory standards, and contributing to both personal and professional growth. Through learning, employees can stay relevant in a rapidly changing world and contribute to businesses' overall success and sustainability in the modern workplace.

As we delve into the critical role of continuous learning, it's evident that the impact of skills shortages is substantial. In 2023, nearly three-quarters of global organizations saw product quality and overall competitiveness decline as a result of employee skills shortages [^1^]. Looking ahead, by 2026 IDC analysts predict that “90% of organizations will feel the pain, with skill shortages costing some $6.5T worldwide. [^1^]” This reality underscores the urgency of addressing skills gaps and highlights the financial implications for businesses on a global scale.

With a decade of hands-on experience in the field, coupled with a millennial's innate understanding that technology is in a constant state of evolution, Jared Ciche a Channel Sales Representative at Xvoucher seamlessly blends seasoned expertise with a contemporary perspective, making his contributions uniquely valuable in our ever-advancing digital landscape.

His journey reflects the industry's evolution, and his transitions between companies have not just been job changes but opportunities to learn from great mentors, engage with diverse teams, and holistically understand the business and industry.

In a Q&A session, Jared shares tips he’s learned so far along his professional journey.

Embrace Change as an Opportunity to Learn

Professionals should embrace change as an opportunity to learn. Understanding the landscape is challenging, but being a hybrid employee who can perform tasks across different teams and departments is key to staying relevant.

Cultivate Mentorship and Holistic Understanding

Jared emphasizes the role of mentorship in his successful transitions between companies. Every change brought an opportunity to learn from great mentors, providing a holistic understanding of the business and industry. Engaging with people beyond immediate work environments is crucial. It not only broadens perspectives but also enhances conversations with customers and expands relationships. So actively seek mentorship, learn from diverse experiences, and connect the dots for a comprehensive understanding.


Rewarding Conversations Through Problem-Solving

Jared says his most rewarding conversations have stemmed from problem-solving. Whether addressing large-scale challenges or smaller pain points, finding joy in solving problems adds meaning to the work. Approach challenges with a positive mindset, viewing them as opportunities to learn and make a meaningful impact.

Example Conversation (free vouchers for management and tracking)

While working with a customer on the East Coast who was searching for a solution to eliminate financial waste, we were able to provide them with a solution where they can manage, track, and utilize their contract funds by using our Xvoucher wallet. Their managers were individually managing every aspect of their learning program. These inefficiencies resulted in the customer losing time, money, and opportunity cost. By utilizing Xvoucher, they will now be able to utilize their funds as needed.

Stay Ahead by Simplifying and Asking Questions

To stay ahead, you often have to simplify complex issues and continuously seek understanding. Asking questions is crucial. If you feel like you don’t have an extremely technical IT background you still need to navigate intricacies by simplifying information.

And it’s even more important as the market grows. According to IDC analysts, “the IT education spending market is estimated to grow at a CAGR of 5.2% for 2022–2027 and reach $24.9 billion in 2027. [^2^]

The best way to take control of this as an individual is to embrace a learning mindset, breaking down complex concepts into manageable pieces. And realize that continuous learning is a marathon, not a sprint. Listen to podcasts, attend industry webinars, and read articles.

Example Conversation (out-of-the-box solution for an Xvoucher customer)

Recently, an organization came to us asking for help getting a new certification introduced into the market through their in-house training academy. Utilizing our expansive partner network and examining the goals of the certification, we’ve been able to connect two organizations that can bring their vision to life while utilizing the Xvoucher platform. I am excited to see this progression moving forward.

Evaluate Progress and Make Course Corrections

It's essential to recognize that the learning journey is personal, and adjustments may be necessary. Approach continuous learning with flexibility, allowing for adjustments based on evolving goals and insights. IDC predicts that spending on digital technology by organizations will grow at 7x the economy in 2024, as companies are compelled by market demands to grow digital business models and strengthen digital capabilities [^3^]. Embracing flexibility in your learning journey enables you to stay ahead of the curve and effectively navigate the rapidly evolving digital landscape. 

In conclusion, Jared Ciche's insights serve as valuable tips and thoughts for professionals navigating the dynamic landscape of continuous learning in the ed tech and learning industry. Embrace change, cultivate mentorship, find joy in problem-solving, stay ahead through simplification, view learning as a marathon, and evaluate progress regularly. These tips, coupled with statistical insights, offer a holistic guide for those seeking to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of continuous learning.


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