Xvoucher Partners with ETC Brasil to Expand Opportunities in South America

Written by Hailee Atkins
Xvoucher Partners with ETC Brasil to Expand Opportunities in South America

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Aug 10, 2023 - Xvoucher and Educational Technology Consulting Brasil (ETC Brasil) are pleased to announce they have entered into a global partnership to better connect customers doing business in Brazil.

The Xvoucher platform enables the sales, distribution, and management of learning and credentialing products. ETC Brasil has been a trusted distributor of training and digital education solutions and programs in Brazil since 2007.

The partnership allows customers to purchase digital products like AWS, HPE, and Adobe training and exam vouchers through ETC Brasil, in their local currency and with local support.

“Partnering with ETC Brasil to deliver digital products more efficiently in Brazil means that our current and future customers will have a more seamless experience,” said Kevin Brice, CEO of Xvoucher. “Together we will be able to put our customers on a path of success, making training and credentialing even easier for those in the region.”

“We value education and innovation, and our partnership with Xvoucher helps us meet the demands of skill acquisition needs of the market,” said Paulo Protasio, General Director of ETC Brasil. “We have always and continue to be a catalyst for transforming the lives of people and organizations through education and technology.” 

About Xvoucher

Xvoucher's enterprise SaaS platform enables global sales, streamlined distribution and efficient management of digital products to support organizational compliance. Xvoucher has a proven history in professional learning, government licensure, and credentialing. For more information, visit Xvoucher.com and follow https://www.linkedin.com/company/xvoucher/ 

For questions or inquiries, please contact marketing@xvoucher.com

About ETC Brasil

Educational Technology Consulting Brasil (ETC Brasil) is a company dedicated to applying digital learning programs and solutions to qualify and upskill people for trends and market requirements. Founded in 1992 in Latin America, with Brasil, starting operations in 2007.  ETC manages and distributes education and professional training and academic certification programs for the world's leading technology developers: Autodesk, Toon Boom and Unity. For more information, visit https://etcbrasil.com/ and follow https://www.linkedin.com/company/etcbrasil/

For questions or inquiries, please contact: contato@etcbrasil.com