Xvoucher Shorts | Sierra Hampton-Simmons PMI

Written by Christine Avery
Xvoucher Shorts | Sierra Hampton-Simmons PMI

Xvoucher is excited to present Xvoucher Shorts. These conversations are designed to discuss critical assessment and learning issues with experts in the credentialing field. Each recorded segment is no more than 10 minutes in length, we hope you enjoy!


What’s the Big Deal About Remote Testing?

In our third edition, Jamie Mulkey, Vice President of Sales for Xvoucher interviews Sierra Hampton-Simmons, the Director and Portfolio Manager of Certification programs for the Project Management Institute.



Join us as we discuss why it’s important to keep the candidate experience in mind when you are looking at remote and in-person high stakes test administration.

 “Many of us want to believe that testing from home is very easy… The reality is that you are taking the test from your own device, in a room, all by yourself. You don’t have the standardized processes and people you are used to when testing in a testing center." -Sierra Hampton-Simmons

Project Management Institute (PMI) is now offering project professionals the ability to schedule and take their Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam online from their home or office. The PMP exam now joins two other PMI certification exams professionals can take online: the PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP) and Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM) certification exams.


Sierra Hampton-Simmons | Project Management Institute


Sierra Hampton-Simmons has nearly two decades of experience as an expert in Certification Management with a track record for transforming and developing lucrative brands to include relevant performance-based testing and training. She joined PMI in the fall of 2013 and currently serves as the Portfolio Leader/Head of Certification Products. At PMI, Sierra is responsible for the entire portfolio of Certification Products including the PMP credential—the gold standard in project management credentials.


Dr. Jamie Mulkey, Ed.D. | Xvoucher

jmulkey_headshot (1 of 1)Dr. Mulkey is currently the Vice President of Sales at Xvoucher. Spanning over two decades of service in the credentialing industry, Dr. Mulkey has a distinguished history of contributions to the field, having held major positions in testing organizations, certification task forces, and testing-related non-profit associations.