Xvoucher Shorts | Christine Avery | ep.5

Written by Christine Avery
Xvoucher Shorts | Christine Avery | ep.5

Xvoucher is excited to present Xvoucher Shorts. These conversations are designed to discuss critical assessment and learning issues with experts in the credentialing field. Each recorded segment is no more than 10 minutes in length, we hope you enjoy!


We are looking forward to providing more perspectives on what’s possible in 2021.


In our fifth edition, Jamie Mulkey, Vice President of Sales for Xvoucher interviews our very own Christine Avery, co-producer of Xvoucher Shorts.


Watch our 2021 kickoff segment of Xvoucher Shorts. My colleague, Christine Avery and I will discuss the highlights from last year’s Xvoucher Shorts segments and give you a sneak peek into some of the interviews we have coming up this year.

“If I think about two overarching themes, one is that we to consider the learner first. Secondly, we need a more integrative approach to education and credentialing.” - Jamie Mulkey


Christine Avery, Marketing | Xvoucher

Christine Avery

Christine Avery, is currently the marketing and sales specialist at Xvoucher. Christine  joined Xvoucher in 2017. A multi-talented marketing specialist focusing on product marketing and growth, Christine co-produces Xvoucher shorts. 


Dr. Jamie Mulkey, Ed.D. | Xvoucher

jmulkey_headshot (1 of 1)Dr. Mulkey is currently the Vice President of Sales at Xvoucher. Spanning over two decades of service in the credentialing industry, Dr. Mulkey has a distinguished history of contributions to the field, having held major positions in testing organizations, certification task forces, and testing-related non-profit associations.