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Product Feature Spotlight: Flex Key

Posted by Christine Avery on Jun 12, 2018 9:59:48 AM
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Xvoucher is excited to announce the release of our newest product feature: Flex Key.


What is Flex Key?

Flex Key is an innovative new feature for the Xvoucher platform. Up until now, providing options to your learning candidates was a multi-step process; you could create as many distinct learning bundles as you wanted, but choices within those bundles were limited. With Flex Key, our customers will be able to create learning product bundles in which one or more of the items can be a choice for their candidates. Enabling this feature allows for an easier and faster set up by only needing to create one bundle of learning products with the choice for multiple different complementary exams(or other learning products). With Flex Key, the possibilities for creating and selling your learning become endless. 


Flex Key offers a simple way to sell a variety of customized learning products. To put it into the easiest of terms you can now set up a learning bundle with 7 items but only 5 of these items can be used. Below is an example of a kit set-up including one Flex Key item and 4 other learning items. It is important to note, the options for materials and Flex Key items are limitless! 

  1. Study Materials (syllabus, readings etc. )
  2. eBook
  3. Online Lab
  4. Pre-test 
  5. Flex Key Item (Certification Exams)- Candidate will be able to choose one of the following:
    1. VR Certification Exam
    2. 3D Graphics Certification Exam
    3. Photoshop Certification Exam

With the above example you are creating a bundle where the Flex Key item is a Certification Exam. However, this could be any of the items you are selling: a choice of 5 different eBooks, labs or pre-tests. If you wanted even more flexibility you have the ability to add in 2 different Flex Key items to your learning kit! 


To sum it all up, with Flex Key you have:

  • Faster and easier setup
  • No need to make multiple kits for different product variations
  • A more affordable process with less time wasted
  • An easier user experience for Candidates and Customers
  • Less of a need to anticipate exactly what each one of your candidates wants to pursue


  Watch our demo video in full screen mode to see Flex Key in action!


To learn more about Flex Key and how Xvoucher can help you manage your learning products, contact us for a free demo and more information on how we can help! 

 Contact us for more information on FlexKey



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