Xvoucher Shorts | Steve Wright | ep.9

Written by Christine Avery
Xvoucher Shorts | Steve Wright | ep.9

Xvoucher is excited to present Xvoucher Shorts. These conversations are designed to discuss critical assessment and learning issues with experts in the credentialing field. 

How Colleges Can Provide On-Demand IT Credentialing


It’s fair to say that the pandemic has given us pause as to the role colleges and universities will play in the education process of our future workforce. However, there are those who see a vision of how colleges can contribute to providing 21st-century workers.

This disruption is all about the need to provide qualified, 21st-century workers. Where will this pipeline come from? Take a few minutes to watch my interview with Stephen Wright, the Director & Tech Sector Navigator, for the California Community College System as he discusses how community college students are an untapped resource in the race towards the 21st-century worker.

“There’s a huge unaddressed market of students and the enabling faculty that need support... There’s a whole hybrid ecosystem that needs to be looked at what combinations of certifications are needed for certain industries.."- Steve Wright


Steve Wright | California Community Colleges

1619148626776Steve provides statewide leadership in workforce development in the Information Communications Technologies industry sector for the CA Community College 116 campus system with a team of regional directors that engage both employers and colleges.

As a tech industry observer and participant for over 30 years, Steve brings perspective and enterprise corporate experience to assist students and faculty of the CA Community College system. Steve hosts a weekly webinar, The ICT Educator Series, over 60 webinars so far, with thousands of faculty views. Providing archived edited recordings with transcripts and related material has established a high legacy value for the distributed decentralized CCC system.


Dr. Jamie Mulkey, Ed.D. | Xvoucher

jmulkey_headshot (1 of 1)Dr. Mulkey is currently the Vice President of Sales at Xvoucher. Spanning over two decades of service in the credentialing industry, Dr. Mulkey has a distinguished history of contributions to the field, having held major positions in testing organizations, certification task forces, and testing-related non-profit associations.